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Fried Plantain and Sausage Breakfast Bowl makes for a quick, healthy gluten-free breakfast!

The perfect healthy, clean, gluten-free breakfast is created with this Fried Plantain and Sausage Breakfast Bowl. It's AIP Paleo-friendly, too! Joining a CSA has been such a good thing for me.  Even though I am a total Type-A personality and simply cannot resist meal planning every week, the CSA has forced me to loosen my [...]


Taco Topped Fried Plantains with Cilantro Lime Rice is the perfect Cinco de Mayo celebratory dinner! Can we please talk about the fact that I seriously planned this post on my blogging editorial calendar long before I even realized it was the 5th of May, AKA  Cinco de Mayo? If that is not the universe [...]


You may or may not have noticed that the blog was missing a little something last month.  Erin, Joanna, and I decided to take a month off from Three Cooks One Kitchen for one very little and special reason.  Little Miss Everly was born a little over a month ago and, rightfully so, Joanna was [...]


A sweet and savory Chocolate Chili Almond Butter Toast combination that is perfect for breakfast, brinner, or an in-between snack! Whoa, whoa, whoa!  Chocolate, chili, and almond butter all in one recipe post title?  Things are getting pretty cray cray up in here, now aren't they? But before you think I am a total nut [...]


A savory pescetarian breakfast sandwich that hits all of the major food groups.  This Tuna and Egg Scramble Sandwich is protein-packed, perfectly crispy, and just a tad bit spicy! Still being rather new to eating fish, I am always trying to come up with creative ways to cook with one of my favorite fish choices: tuna! I [...]


This Cinnamon Banana English Muffin French Toast is a twist on the classic.  Bake these babies up for a delicious, yet healthy, vegan weekend breakfast. Valentine's Day just so happens to be on a Saturday this year which is also one of the reasons I got this remote control vibrator for more enjoyment.  You know [...]


This Blueberry Cornbread Pancakes recipe is sponsored by Driscoll's Berries.  As always, all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. Happy National Blueberry Pancake Day! Growing up, the only pancakes I would even touch were chocolate chip pancakes.  I had a bit of a sweet tooth (and still do), and I thought the only way [...]


A peanut buttery, chocolatey French toast recipe perfect for your next weekend breakfast.  This vegan French toast also freezes and reheats (in the toaster, for me) beautifully! I know a few people out in this world who do not like eating peanut butter and chocolate together.  I'm looking at you, Erin.  If your thoughts are anything [...]


A healthy, vegan twist on an American classic.  These Roasted Chickpeas and Waffles are the perfect sweet and savory breakfast or brinner. Chicken and waffles.  Talk about a classic all-American food combination. And while chicken and waffles may be a classic here in the States, I have spent 26 years of my life having not [...]


A warm, hearty, Fall-inspired stack of French toast sticks to bring you comfort first thing in the morning.  These will surely be calling your name on Thanksgiving day. Before we get to the delicious pumpkiny goodness, I need to give a birthday shout out to my favorite woman on earth and the best mom that I [...]