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nut butter


A sweet and savory Chocolate Chili Almond Butter Toast combination that is perfect for breakfast, brinner, or an in-between snack! Whoa, whoa, whoa!  Chocolate, chili, and almond butter all in one recipe post title?  Things are getting pretty cray cray up in here, now aren't they? But before you think I am a total nut [...]

Single-Serve_Almond_Butter_Banana_Muffin 4

A single-serve vegan and gluten-free muffin with all of the healthy baking essentials: almond butter, banana, and raisins!  This makes for the perfect second breakfast, and pairs well with a little extra nut butter for a tasty evening treat. I may or may not have a newfound obsession: single-serve desserts. I know that single-serve desserts [...]


It is official.  I am obsessed. If you could not already tell from previous recipes I have posted, my recent What I Ate Wednesday posts, and my Twitter and Instagram feeds, I like gingerbread flavored foods...a lot.  But lucky for me, I have noticed that you like them a lot, too!  And there really is no [...]