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Weekend Wrap-Up

Girls' Trip to Des Moines | cleaneatingveggiegirl.com

I lived in Omaha for nearly three years between 2012 and 2015.  It is a city that I truly love and miss, and it will forever be on my list of favorite places.  Not only is it the perfect size with a great cost of living, but there are a million events to attend and [...]


Happy Monday, y'all!  I am on my way back to Omaha this morning, but for right now let's recap the Fourth of July weekend.  I had an amazing, productive, fun, and relaxing weekend.  I hope yours was just as great! Fourth of July Weekend Happenings I had Friday off from work, but it still started [...]


Happy Monday to ya!  While you are reading this, I am probably making the five-hour drive back to Nebraska this morning.  It is always rough rolling into work at noon after driving five hours because driving makes me so exhausted, but it's worth it to have an extra night back home! I had a wonderful [...]


Remember a couple of weeks back when I posted about my weekend back home to celebrate my dad's birthday and my birthday?  I'm doing the same thing again, but this time we are talking about my birthday and Jeremy's birthday!  Somehow I got lucky and was able to celebrate my birthday twice.  I'm not quite sure [...]


Happy Monday morning to you!  I spent the weekend at home in Iowa and have a five-hour drive ahead of me this morning.  It had been close to two months since I was last home, and I had two great reasons (among many others) to make the drive back to my hometown.  Friday was my [...]


What. an. EPIC. weekend. Seriously.  I had a blast!  I spent time with friends.  Jeremy was here most of the weekend.  We drank good beer.  We ate delicious food.  And we relaxed.  That is my idea of an ideal weekend. Now I am sitting here on a Sunday night writing this weekend wrap-up post.  As you [...]


When I typed out the title to this post, I realized how interesting it is that I choose to label Iowa as "home."  I have lived in Nebraska for over two years now, yet I still cannot get used to Omaha being "home."  Maybe I will always call my hometown "home?"  Or maybe there is [...]


Just like that, the dreaded first day of the work week is upon us.  Some of you are lucky enough to have a three-day weekend thanks to MLK day.  I, however, am not so fortunate.  But instead of whining too much (I'm still going to whine a little), I am going to try my hardest to focus on [...]


Long time no see!  I am trying my best to truly enjoy myself and my time off during my Christmas vacation.  As a result, you have not seen much of me out in the blogosphere.  I had a few posts pre-written before vacation and a couple more for the coming week, but other than that, you [...]


Happy Monday! Okay, let's be honest.  That "happy" part is totally fake on my part.  I had a great weekend and I am extremely sad that it went by so quickly.  While I have a shorter day at work today (thinking of the positives), I also have a five hour drive to get there (not [...]