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treat yourself tuesday

When I typed out the title to this post, I realized how interesting it is that I choose to label Iowa as "home."  I have lived in Nebraska for over two years now, yet I still cannot get used to Omaha being "home."  Maybe I will always call my hometown "home?"  Or maybe there is [...]


I shared my Fall Bucket List (<-- this post also contains super cute alpacas) with y'all a couple of weeks ago and I am happy to say that I accomplished three things within the span of three hours over the weekend.  That is some professional bucket listing right there, folks! On Sunday, Joanna, Erin, and I headed [...]


Daddy/daughter weekends are some of my favorites.  And while I like to think that my dad loves visiting me (no really, I hope he does!), I also know that he secretly uses me as an excuse to come out to Omaha to run in races.  My dad ran the Omaha Marathon last year with a [...]


I cannot say that I am super excited about the fact that today is Tuesday.  Going back to work after a three day weekend is even more difficult than going back to work after a normal weekend.  However, I do have a lot to look forward to with a weekend at home ahead of me. [...]


It has been awhile since I have linked up with Becky for Treat Yourself Tuesday.  I thought it was rather fitting today though since I did a whole lot of treating the past three days with my boyfriend- who is still here until Wednesday and I am super excited about that!  Good eats and drinks, [...]


Today I am linking up with Becky's Treat Yourself Tuesday link-up because I believe we all deserve to treat ourselves ... and frequently.  And treating myself is something that I have suddenly become quite good at.  Hey, I'm not complaining ;) This past weekend I treated myself with a weekend home to visit my family, boyfriend, [...]

Fong's pizza

Lots of treating has been going on in CEVG land.  Lots of treating for me, that is.  I tend to try to save a lot of my money as opposed to being a big spender (except when it comes to food- no surprise there), but over the past week I definitely splurged in a big [...]


It has been awhile since I have linked up with Becky's Treat Yourself Tuesday link.  I have been slacking!  It isn't that I haven't treated myself, but I just have not shared it with all of you.  The past four days were one giant weekend of treats.  You have to treat yourself when it is [...]


After yesterday's post you are probably well aware that I am slightly obsessed with gingerbread.  Okay, I confess.  I am very obsessed.  But in the blogging world you aren't one of the "cool kids" unless you are whipping up batches of all things gingerbread right now.  I'm only kidding..sort of! ;)  So let's keep the gingerbread trend [...]


Today is Tuesday, and I am linking up with Becky's Treat Yourself Tuesday link-up in celebration of having attended my very first Friendsgiving this past Sunday night!  Becky is a firm believer in treating yourself well, and I definitely think I accomplished that this weekend. When Joanna invited me over for her Friendsgiving celebration I [...]