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Today is the day when one of my favorite people in the whole entire world was born 32 years ago. And while I do not get to spend the day celebrating with him in person, I was so fortunate to have spent all of last weekend doing our birthdays up right!  In my post on [...]


What. an. EPIC. weekend. Seriously.  I had a blast!  I spent time with friends.  Jeremy was here most of the weekend.  We drank good beer.  We ate delicious food.  And we relaxed.  That is my idea of an ideal weekend. Now I am sitting here on a Sunday night writing this weekend wrap-up post.  As you [...]


When I typed out the title to this post, I realized how interesting it is that I choose to label Iowa as "home."  I have lived in Nebraska for over two years now, yet I still cannot get used to Omaha being "home."  Maybe I will always call my hometown "home?"  Or maybe there is [...]


This past weekend was full of fun adventures that were easily some of the best highlights of the past month.  That may or may not have had something to do with the fact that Jeremy was here visiting.  Jeremy was not the only important person in my life who was here, though.  One of my best [...]