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Weekend Wrap-Up

This past weekend was full of fun adventures that were easily some of the best highlights of the past month.  That may or may not have had something to do with the fact that Jeremy was here visiting.  Jeremy was not the only important person in my life who was here, though.  One of my best [...]


Happy Friday and Happy Halloween!  I don't know about you, but Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays.  That of course has nothing to do with the fact that Halloween candy/food is delicious and dressing up in costumes is fun.  Okay, so maybe I am being slightly sarcastic!  Regardless, this Halloween season has [...]


I shared my Fall Bucket List (<-- this post also contains super cute alpacas) with y'all a couple of weeks ago and I am happy to say that I accomplished three things within the span of three hours over the weekend.  That is some professional bucket listing right there, folks! On Sunday, Joanna, Erin, and I headed [...]


What a work week it has been already!  I am exhausted after 10 hours of travel, early mornings and late nights, wedding preparation, two of my best friends' wedding, homework, and tons of friends and family quality time.  But please do not think that I am complaining because it was one heck of a weekend!  I'm [...]


Never did I think that one of my blog post titles would include the world "alpacas."  But I am so glad that it does! On Saturday, I met up with Erin and her husband, Josh, for lunch and an animal adventure.  Following lunch at McFoster's Natural Kind Cafe, we drove out to Fort Calhoun, NE [...]


Daddy/daughter weekends are some of my favorites.  And while I like to think that my dad loves visiting me (no really, I hope he does!), I also know that he secretly uses me as an excuse to come out to Omaha to run in races.  My dad ran the Omaha Marathon last year with a [...]


Oh, what a weekend it was!  Once I make it back to Nebraska this afternoon, I will have driven a total of 12 hours, seen every single one of my best friends (including my BFF who lives in Arizona now), went to two rodeo performances, camped outside two nights, ate tons of delicious (and not-so-healthy) [...]


I cannot say that I am super excited about the fact that today is Tuesday.  Going back to work after a three day weekend is even more difficult than going back to work after a normal weekend.  However, I do have a lot to look forward to with a weekend at home ahead of me. [...]


This post is sponsored by the Kansas City Convention and Visitors Association.  Our hotel room and King Tut Exhibit tickets were compensated, but all other eats and treats were paid for on our own. I grew up going to Kansas City.  My aunt lives in the KC area so it was not out of the [...]


What a weekend!  I met my boyfriend in Des Moines for some quality time together.  Being in a long-distance relationship is by no means easy.  So whenever we get the chance to spend even two days together, we take it!  As per usual, we ate delicious food, drank delicious beer, and had a grand time [...]