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Friday Foodie Favorites

Friday Favorites {March 18, 2016} | cleaneatingveggiegirl.com

Another Friday Favorites roundup post to celebrate the fact that it's Fri-Yay! Oh, Friday.  I never thought you would get here!  Has anyone else had kind of a slow week? This week felt totally strange for me because the past month has been crazy busy with wedding preparations, friends' weddings and showers/bachelorette parties, and a [...]

Best Whole 30 Recipes Collage

Two posts in one week?  What in the world is happening?!  It turns out my brain and body wanted to post more than once this week, so I am rolling with it. On Wednesday I shared what a post-Whole 30 day of eats looks like for me.  You probably did not notice much of a [...]


It's Friday!  Finally! Remember when I said that the week was going by quickly thanks to the three-day weekend?  Yeah, I take that back.  I think the cumulative of a long Wednesday and Thursday made up for the extra day off on Monday.  This week did not feel any shorter to me, so I am [...]

Corn Veggie Quinoa Bowl

Get excited!  Friday Foodie Favorites are back!  I have had a few people asking for these for the past several weeks, and I have been seriously slacking.  In celebration of Friday and the return of me sharing my favorite recipes from other bloggers, I have compiled a list of some seriously tasty dishes.  Oh, and I [...]

FFF kale sweet potato salad

Happy Friday the 13th!  I feel like it was just yesterday that I was posting that same sentence.  I guess it was only a month ago.  Keeping with the tradition (I realize it's not really a tradition if this is only the second month) of sharing a Friday Foodie Favorites post on Friday the 13th, [...]

FFF tempeh reuben bowl

Friday has rolled around again (thank goodness!) and so has another roundup of my favorite recipes from other bloggers.  I like to think that Friday Foodie Favorites are a bit different from many other food-related Friday Favorites post.  Why?  Because I make and eat everything that I share with you.  Therefore, all four of the recipes below [...]


Happy Friday the 13th!  I'm not much for superstitions, so I actually find Friday the 13th to be fun!  I guess I have a thing for the number 13. I also have a thing for food.  Good food, that is.  Every single week, I make new-to-me recipes from other bloggers just like me (and not like [...]

FFF lentil burgers

Welcome to the first Friday Foodie Favorites of 2015!  With the busyness of the holidays, I have not made a whole lot of new recipes.  As a result, I have been relying on your recipes to get me through.  I came across a few favorites along the way, and today I am going to share them [...]

fff eggs potatoes

I am so excited, friends!  It is Friday, this is the last day of the work week, we are so close to Christmas, and I only have one and a half days of work next week!  Oh, and I am a lucky duck and get to go see Beauty and the Beast: The Musical tonight with Joanna and [...]

fff lentil sloppy joes

Friday, oh how I love thee!  Fridays are always my favorite day of the work week, but I especially look forward to them on the weeks when I am getting back from an extra long weekend.  I think most people would agree that going back to work after having five days off is so tough.  I spent [...]