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Friday Foodie Favorites

It's here, it's here!  Friday is finally here!  Even though this week was not the slowest ever, it was busy and stresful at work so I am more than happy that it is almost officially the weekend.  I also have some great plans this weekend, including a lunch date at Whole Foods and a 1920's halloween [...]


It's Friday!  What's not to love?  The work week is coming to a close.  I have fun pumpkin picking/carving plans with my girlfriends, and I am more than ready to do some eating, drinking, and relaxing (along with school work) over the next several days.  The weekend is almost upon us and I think that [...]


Happy Friday!  Fridays never roll around often enough now do they?  I am thinking we should definitely make the weekend at least four days long.  Who agrees?  I should probably dream on because I don't see that happening anytime soon. What could happen more frequently, though, is my Friday Foodie Favorites posts.  It has never been [...]


Happy Friday!  Is everyone else as excited as me about the fact that it is almost the weekend?  Once Friday rolls around, I feel like I am home free.  Ahh, such a good feeling! This weekend is one that I am really excited for.  I am driving two hours east and my boyfriend is driving [...]


Hooooollly moly it has been awhile since I have written up a Friday Foodie Favorites post!  In fact, my last post was over a month ago.  That is just totally unacceptable!  I do think that I have a pretty good excuse, though.  With being gone on vacation for over a week and home for the [...]


Happy Friday!  And Friday the 13th, at that!  I am not much of a superstitious person, and I actually happen to like the number 13.  So I say bring on the day! I am also incredibly eager to make it through this day because once 5:00 hits, I am home free and will begin my [...]


Guess what day it is?  No... not Wednesday.  It is Friday! Even though most of us only had a four-day work week, I am more than ready for Friday to be here.  And what could make Friday even better?  Well, not much.  But I think some delicious recipes just might do the trick!  Get ready for [...]


It has been a little while since we have talked about some of my favorite recipes from around the blogosphere, now hasn't it?  But please do not be mad.  I just have not been trying quite as many other bloggers' recipes since I have been so busy in my own kitchen whipping up recipes for you [...]


It has been a little while since we have gotten together to talk about our my favorite subject, now hasn't it?  And what is that favorite subject?  Well...food, of course!  But do not worry.  I am coming 'attcha with some fantastic recipes from some of my favorite blogs, and a major workout for good measure.  Good [...]


Happy Friday!  And boy, is it a happy Friday for me!  I took off work three hours early yesterday afternoon and headed back home to Iowa.  I am spending my birthday weekend with my family, puppy dogs, boyfriend, and friends and could not be happier.  Home is where the heart is, right? I have a [...]