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A sweet and creamy Vanilla Fruit Salad that comes together in 10 minutes flat for any Holiday gathering. Since I am a big-time foodie and love to cook and blog about food, you may think that cooking for holiday gatherings is my idea of fun.  Well guess what?  That is not always the case!  I [...]


Some foods notoriously sound fancy, stuffy, and complicated.  These same foods normally intimidate me and, as a result, in the past I have shied away from making them.  Baking my own bread has always been on that "intimidating list," as has making homemade pies and poaching pears.  For some reason, the idea of "poaching" something [...]

bake sweet potato microwave

A tutorial on how to "bake" a sweet potato in the microwave in under seven minutes. If you have not already figured it out, I am a big-time sweet potato lover.  I love sweet potato fries.  I love sweet potato in soups.  I love baked stuffed sweet potatoes for dinner and baked sweet potatoes topped with [...]


A delicious vegetable cornbread utilizing Summer and Fall produce.  It is the perfect dinner side dish. I know the title says "Summer," but hear me out. This cornbread recipe utilizes fresh produce from your Summer garden, but it also happens to be produce that is available year round.  Anything "Summery" just sounds extra appealing to me. [...]


This delicious egg salad incorporates the tastes of Summer produce: fresh peppers, peas, and tomatoes. I eat approximately 90% vegan and one of the main reasons why it is not 100% is because of my love for eggs.  I really love eggs. Scrambled eggs. Poached eggs. Sunnyside-up eggs. Hardboiled eggs. Let's be real.  Eggs are good [...]


A hearty Summertime pasta salad that is chocked full of veggies and is big on flavor. I was a picky child.  I was picky about my hair.  I was picky about my clothing (apparently I hated when my socks were twisted?).  And I was most definitely extremely picky about my food. As a result, the fact [...]


Remember a few weeks ago when I posted a recap of my weekend with Jeremy?  We had a wonderful time and one of our favorite parts was spending a day at the lake with friends.  Both Joanna and Erin were there, so we decided it was the perfect time to cook for our Three Cooks [...]


A tutorial on how to cut one of my favorite fruits, cantaloupe. After I wrote my post on How to Select and Cut a Ripe Avocado, I figured there are probably a whole slew of other fruits that people may be uncertain about how to cut.  After all, I was in that boat at one [...]


This Asian Quinoa and Veggie Salad with Tempeh makes for the perfect meal for two or three or a fantastic pairing to any Summertime gathering.  Fresh veggies, protein-packed tempeh, and saucy quinoa all come together for a refreshing dish. I have gone salad crazy up in here! And no, I am not referring to the [...]


A super simple, 3-ingredient vegan taquito recipe and a meal plan! Three ingredients?  Check! Ready in 20 minutes?  Check! Tasty vegan taquitos?  Check! But more on this healthy lunch/dinner/snack recipe in a bit... First, let's talk about this week's meal plan! Weekly Meal Plan: August 4th to 10th, 2014 Monday: Vegan, Lentil, Kale & Salsa Verde [...]