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Three Cooks One Kitchen: Loaded Grilled Potatoes

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3C1K graphic updatedRemember a few weeks ago when I posted a recap of my weekend with Jeremy?  We had a wonderful time and one of our favorite parts was spending a day at the lake with friends.  Both Joanna and Erin were there, so we decided it was the perfect time to cook for our Three Cooks One Kitchen blogging series.  Let’s be honest.  It is nearly impossible for the three of us to get together and not talk about or do something blogging and food related.  I guess it is just in our genes!

The three of us have been having a great time cooking up new recipes and foods that we have never tried before.  In June we made grilled kabbobs for the first time, last month we had our first experience with grilled pizza, and for August we decided to grill potatoes.  I am starting to think that maybe this series should be called Three Cooks One Grill.  However, I am not sure how effective that would be during the Winter months.

3C1K grilled potatoesAfter our time tubing, playing yard games, snacking, and drinking, we decided it was time to get down to business and start cooking.  The grill was preheated so all we needed to do was prepare the potatoes and the food for our toppings bar.  After we scrubbed the potatoes clean, I sliced each potato length-wise into half-inch strips.  We used four large huge russet potatoes and ended up with roughly 16 potato slices.

grilled potatoesNext, we coated the potato slices with extra virgin olive oil and sprinkled one side of each potato with garlic salt.

3C1K grilled potatoes 2With the potatoes and the grill prepped, we carefully placed each potato slice onto the grill with the seasoned side down.  Holy moly was it hot, so be careful if you give these a try!  Once all of the potatoes were on the grill, we sprinkled the remaining side with more garlic salt.  At this point we shut the lid of the grill… and things got a tad scary.

3C1K grilled potatoes 3It turns out that thin slices of potato grill a lot quicker than pizza.  We all got a bit distracted preparing our toppings and chit-chatting and the potatoes slipped our minds a bit.  By the time Joanna and I got back to the grill to flip them, we realized that some of them were a bit… well, toasty.  Luckily we had sliced up more than enough potatoes and were able to salvage plenty to feed everyone.  I am guessing that the potatoes we cooked were probably on the grill for about 8-10 minutes total, so I would recommend shooting for 6-8 minutes total and flipping them once.  Oh, and make sure you already have your toppings prepared ahead of time so that you can stay near the grill!

3C1K grilled potatoes 4Here are the potatoes that landed in the trash can graveyard (but not before Joanna accidentally dropped them on her friend, Kelly, seconds after this picture!).

grilled potatoes 4I ate two grilled potatoes and loaded them up with just about everything on our toppings bar.  One potato I topped with broccoli, cheese, and chives, and the other potato I topped with vegan chili and grilled onions.

grilled potatoes 5I could not decide on one style of loaded potato, so I went with both!  Good decision, Hannah.  Good decision 😉

grilled potatoes 3Often times, I do not feel included food-wise at barbecues or Summer gatherings unless I bring something like a veggies burger to grill.  That was definitely not the case this time.  I was able to eat almost everything that my friends were eating and had a complete meal on my plate.  Trust me when I say that you do not need meat to make delicious loaded grilled potatoes.  No bacon here, either.  Though I totally would have gone for some vegetarian “bacon.”

grilled potatoes 7This may not have been our best Three Cooks One Kitchen experience, but at least we ended up with some delicious food despite the mishap and had an absolutely wonderful Summertime lake experience.  Laughing while cooking is important, right?  Even if that means that the meal isn’t cooked to perfection.

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What is your favorite loaded potato topping?

Have you ever grilled potatoes?

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