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What I Ate Wednesday: January 6, 2016| cleaneatingveggiegirl.com

It's the first Wednesday of January, and I say we celebrate with a What I Ate Wednesday look at a day of Paleo eats (via my iPhone)! What I Ate Wednesday: January 6, 2016 This has been my favorite breakfast as of lately.  I essentially sautéed collard greens (I often use kale) with veggies and [...]


Welcome to Wednesday, y'all!  We are almost halfway through the work week, which makes me more and more excited for the upcoming weekend.  I have a chiropractor appointment, full day of work, a walk, and blog work on my agenda for the day.  It's probably safe to say that my day will likely fly by [...]


Holy caaaarap, it's almost November!  This month has seriously flown by for me.  I chalk it up to moving, starting a new job, and lots of family and friend time.  I honestly haven't had a whole lot of time to actually focus on the day of the week or the month we are in.  And though [...]


Happy Wednesday my favorite veggie lovers! I hope your week is off to a great start.  I started my new job last Thursday and so far so good.  I have a ton to learn, but everyone has been very nice which has helped.  I also love the atmosphere and am full of energy the second that [...]


Look who is back with a blog post!  Hint: it's me, Hannah (in case you had forgotten my name). Life has been crazy busy lately and, to be honest, blogging just has not been where my heart and mind have been over the past couple of weeks.  But that does not mean I don't still [...]


I skipped out on the last couple of What I Ate Wednesday posts since my reduced blogging "schedule" went into effect, but I am back today with a full day of eats.  I finished up the Whole 30 about a week ago, and while I am continuing to eat mostly Whole 30-compliant, I am allowing [...]


We made it to Wednesday.  Woot woot! Like every other Wednesday here on CEVG, I am sharing a full day of my eats in honor of What I Ate Wednesday.  This particular day of eats is from this past Sunday when my mom and I were in Des Moines going wedding dress shopping.  I am happy [...]


How goes it whole foodie friends? It is time for another full day of Whole 30 eats in honor of What I Ate Wednesday.  Today marks day ten for me, and I am pleased to say that it is going by rather quickly.  My fingers are crossed in hopes that I start to see some [...]


It's Wednesday!  But this is not just any 'ole Wednesday.  This so happens to be the first What I Ate Wednesday of my very first Whole 30.  As a result, I thought it might be fun to show you exactly what I ate in an entire day on the Whole 30.  Hopefully it gives you [...]


July 1st?  Wowsers.  We are officially halfway through the year 2015, and I am pretty baffled as to how in the world that happened so quickly.  Any ideas?  Yeah, me neither! Today in celebration of What I Ate Wednesday, I am sharing a full day of my post-vacation eats.  I have to say that it [...]