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Have I got a restaurant to talk to you about today! I could not possibly go through last week without eating a little Mexican food, right?  And even though I shared 55 recipes that were perfect to make on Cinco de Mayo, I am guilty of not having made a single one.  In fact, I [...]


Happy Sunday, all!  I hope your first weekend in May is treating you well.  Mine has been great so far.  My mom is in town visiting, and we have been enjoying filling our days with a little relaxing, plenty of shopping, and some delicious eats. Last night we dined at a new-to-me restaurant here in [...]


As I mentioned last week, adopting a gluten-free diet at home has been pretty darn easy for me.  I realized that I do not eat as much gluten as I thought, and with some simple substitutions like GF bread and oats, I have been tackling a gluten-free diet just fine. My biggest struggles with following [...]


Yesterday I shared with you some of my favorite vegetarian-friendly restaurants.  It turns out that the post is already slightly outdated, because I need to add a new location to the list!  It is official.  My favorite vegetarian-friendly brunch location is Over Easy. Omaha Eats: Over Easy Erin ate at Over Easy for the first [...]


        Omaha Eats: Kitchen Table I had a great dinner and a fabulous dinner date last Thursday night!  I heard about a new restaurant in Omaha a few weeks ago called Kitchen Table and instantly knew that I wanted to try it.  And when Erin moved to town about two weeks ago, [...]