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A vegan, gluten-free, and grain-free pizza crust that is perfect for one. The recipe can easily be doubled or tripled to serve more... or one really hungry person! Oh pizza.  How I love thee! But I hate to break it to you, pizza.  I'm not entirely sure that my body loves you as much as [...]


As I mentioned last week, adopting a gluten-free diet at home has been pretty darn easy for me.  I realized that I do not eat as much gluten as I thought, and with some simple substitutions like GF bread and oats, I have been tackling a gluten-free diet just fine. My biggest struggles with following [...]


A sneak peak into my meal plan for this week and a simple, quick, and delicious recipe for a Mexican-themed pizza for one.  Check it out! I'd like to think that I eat good every week.  And by "good" I do not mean "perfect."  I mean that I eat relatively healthy and deeelicious meals.  I [...]


Some people like sausage on their pizza. Some people like black olives. Some people will only eat pizza if it is topped with pepperoni. And some people keep it simple with plain cheese. <-- I love a good cheese pizza! While I am a cheese pizza lover and definitely eat my share of veggie pizza, my [...]


Chinese food...on pizza?  I know, I know.  To some it may sound like a strange combination.  But if you are adventurous and cool different like me, then you just might look at this combination and think..."hmm, now that is something that I need to try!" Naturally, as I often do when I sit down at my dinner table [...]


Looks meaty, eh?  But don't let the picture fool you.  This pizza is vegan all the way. On occasion, the recipes that I share here on CEVG are rather elaborate.  This recipe?  Not so much.  I think you appreciate that now and then though, am I right?  If you can turn on your oven, chop [...]