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Friday Favorites

Happy Friday the 13th!  I feel like it was just yesterday that I was posting that same sentence.  I guess it was only a month ago.  Keeping with the tradition (I realize it's not really a tradition if this is only the second month) of sharing a Friday Foodie Favorites post on Friday the 13th, [...]


Friday has rolled around again (thank goodness!) and so has another roundup of my favorite recipes from other bloggers.  I like to think that Friday Foodie Favorites are a bit different from many other food-related Friday Favorites post.  Why?  Because I make and eat everything that I share with you.  Therefore, all four of the recipes below [...]


Happy Friday the 13th!  I'm not much for superstitions, so I actually find Friday the 13th to be fun!  I guess I have a thing for the number 13. I also have a thing for food.  Good food, that is.  Every single week, I make new-to-me recipes from other bloggers just like me (and not like [...]


Welcome to the first Friday Foodie Favorites of 2015!  With the busyness of the holidays, I have not made a whole lot of new recipes.  As a result, I have been relying on your recipes to get me through.  I came across a few favorites along the way, and today I am going to share them [...]


I am so excited, friends!  It is Friday, this is the last day of the work week, we are so close to Christmas, and I only have one and a half days of work next week!  Oh, and I am a lucky duck and get to go see Beauty and the Beast: The Musical tonight with Joanna and [...]


Friday, oh how I love thee!  Fridays are always my favorite day of the work week, but I especially look forward to them on the weeks when I am getting back from an extra long weekend.  I think most people would agree that going back to work after having five days off is so tough.  I spent [...]


It's here, it's here!  Friday is finally here!  Even though this week was not the slowest ever, it was busy and stresful at work so I am more than happy that it is almost officially the weekend.  I also have some great plans this weekend, including a lunch date at Whole Foods and a 1920's halloween [...]


It's Friday!  What's not to love?  The work week is coming to a close.  I have fun pumpkin picking/carving plans with my girlfriends, and I am more than ready to do some eating, drinking, and relaxing (along with school work) over the next several days.  The weekend is almost upon us and I think that [...]


Happy Friday!  Fridays never roll around often enough now do they?  I am thinking we should definitely make the weekend at least four days long.  Who agrees?  I should probably dream on because I don't see that happening anytime soon. What could happen more frequently, though, is my Friday Foodie Favorites posts.  It has never been [...]


Happy Friday!  Is everyone else as excited as me about the fact that it is almost the weekend?  Once Friday rolls around, I feel like I am home free.  Ahh, such a good feeling! This weekend is one that I am really excited for.  I am driving two hours east and my boyfriend is driving [...]