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The Best Snack Pairings with Guacamole

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Today I’m sharing The Best Snack Pairings with Guacamole so that you’ll never tire of eating it day after day after day…

Guac and I are essentially BFF’s.  So much so that I am on a first name basis with it.  You know, as opposed to calling it by it’s full name, Guacamole.

Ever since our relationship began about two years ago (I know, why did I wait so long?), I have been eating it on an almost daily basis.  Naturally, I know all of the super fantastic ways to eat it.  Of course it is great to use as a topping for pretty much everything, but my favorite way to consume it is in my snacks.

And it turns out there are some pretty wild things to pair it with.  Drop what you are doing, whip up or buy some guacamole, and make a guacamole snacking spread with everything in this post.  Then throw in a margarita or two and invite me over!

The Best Snack Pairings with Guacamole

The Best Snack Pairings with Guacamole | cleaneatingveggiegirl.com1. Bacon!

It may not be your first instinct to dip bacon into guacamole, but once you try it you will not go back.  I personally love the Applegate turkey bacon or the Pederson’s Natural Farms no sugar hickory smoked bacon.  There is something seriously delicious about dipping crispy, salty bacon into guac.  Please go try it.

2. Jicama.

Jicama is one of those majorly underrated veggies.  Jicama is actually a “Mexican yam,” and is somewhat similar to a sweet potato.  I love cutting it into fries (without the peel) and dipping them into guac for a crunchy and healthy pairing.

3. Deli meat.

Deli meat and guac is so darn good.  I try to choose deli meats with the cleanest ingredients list possible.  Lately I have been loving organic roasted turkey from Plainville Farms and smoked turkey from Organic Prairie.  I roll the deli meat slices up with guacamole in the middle.  It’s the perfect snack of healthy fats and protein!

4. Plantain chips.

You know I have a plantain chip obsession, and can you really blame me?  I don’t think this needs much of a description other than “plantain chips were made for guacamole.”

5. Apples

Apples may not seem like an obvious guac pairing, but they totally fit the sweet and savory bill that I love.  While you’re at it, you should try apples with hummus, too.

6. Whole brown rice cakes.

These aren’t Paleo, but if you are incorporating some grains into your diet, try these brown rice cakes.  I prefer the Lundberg brand over any other because they are extra crunchy as opposed to just dry and puffy.  Whether you spread them or dip them, make sure they are eaten with your favorite guac.

7. Carrots (and other raw veggies).

This is kind of a no brainer.  Some of my favorites are carrots, radishes, and celery!

8. Hard boiled eggs.

Have you seen deviled eggs made with guacamole?  Delicious.  So why not dip or top your hard boiled eggs with it?  This is another great healthy fats/protein pairing.

9. Sweet potato chips (or fries).

While plantain chips will always be my favorite chip to eat with guac, the sweet potato chip and guac combo is a close second.  I always buy the Jackson’s Honest brand since they are fried in coconut oil.  But beware.  These are crazy addicting.  Sweet potato fries work just as well, too!

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