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WIAW: November 5, 2014 (Recent Eats)

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It’s the first Wednesday of November, and I am completely baffled as to how in the world we have gotten this far in the year 2014 already.  The Thanksgiving/Christmas-loving part of me is pretty excited about it, though!  I just cannot help but get into the holiday spirit the instant that November rolls in.  I may or may not have already put up my Christmas tree…  yes, I am one of those people.

Despite my fascination with all things Christmas, I promise that I am not a complete weirdo.  I at least think I am pretty normal when it comes to my love for delicious food.  And plenty of delicious food has been had lately.  Check out my latest eats and make sure to share your favorite recent eats in the comments!

wiaw-fall-into-good-habits-buttonI am linking up with Jenn from Peas and Crayons for What I Ate Wednesday!

What I Ate Wednesday: November 5, 2014 (Recent Eats)

recent eats 9My breakfast every. single. Saturday.  I love everything about acai bowls.  Also, I have a confession… I have a really hard time pronouncing these “ah-sy-ee” and instead always mispronounce them as “ah-see-i.”  Somebody please help break me of this!

recent eats 11Another recent breakfast (and yes, in the same bowl): mixed cereal… because one kind is never enough!  In the mix: Kashi Go Lean original, puffed kamut, Cascadian Farms Chocolate O’s (so good), and Whole Foods 365 Whole Wheat Flakes.  I topped it off with unsweetened vanilla almond milk.

recent eats 6Another squash filled salad, but this time with tempeh “bacon!”  In the bowl: lettuce, onions, red peppers, tomatoes, sauerkraut, roasted butternut squash, tempeh “bacon,” and vegan chia ranch dressing.

recent eats 3I used that same tempeh to make tempeh “bacon” TLT sandwiches (toasted sprouted bread, Vegenaise, lettuce, tomatoes, and tempeh “bacon”).  On the side I ate steamed brussel sprouts.

recent eatsAnd look… more brussel sprouts!  I ate them alongside one of my freezer black bean and quinoa burritos with salsa.  I love having burritos in my freezer to pull out when I am feeling lazy and do not want to cook.

buffalo chickpea 9A delicious and just-spicy-enough salad that I will be sharing more about on Monday!

omaha tap house 3Here is an inside look at my “hangover” burger that I talked about yesterday from my weekend trip to Omaha Tap House.  Yes, that is a veggie burger with cheese, hashbrowns, and a fried egg.  It was deeeelicious!

omaha benson 2I also mentioned yesterday that I ate vegan seitan wings at Benson Brewery and tried two fantastic appetizers.  The first one was pretzel sticks with a beer cheese dip.  The dip was unbelievable.  I honestly could have drank it right out of the container.

omaha benson 3I also had the opportunity to try Jeremy’s poutine fries.  Poutine is a Canadian tradition and essentially consists of french fries covered in cheese and gravy.  I loved this vegetarian version!

recent eats 4This is my new favorite addiction.  I love cashews and I love cashew butter!

recent eats 5I have been eating my cashew butter with apples a lot lately.

recent eats 2Another thing that I have been loving for dippage are these single-serve packages of guacamole.  I love dipping vegetables in it and spreading it on toast.

recent eats 7Have I ever told you that I love Twizzlers?  I rarely buy them because I have zero self-control around them.  But when I had a movie night with my friends last weekend I needed some candy to accompany it.  I went with the Twizzlers Bites.  Also, there is no way that there are 3.5 servings in that box.  That is a joke.

recent eats 8Jeremy and I also shared this beer during the movie.  I love New Belgium beers and I love, love, love sours!

recent eats 12A few more Halloween treats because it is not Halloween without some candy!  Jeremy and I shared these.  All four are definitely big-time favorites of mine!

halloween shark week 2014 3And in the spirit of all things Halloween, a sneak peek of my costume at work.  Can you tell what my department went as?  I’ll post the group shot when I have it!

Have a great Wednesday!

What have you eaten lately that you LOVED?

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