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WIAW: March 26, 2014

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Happy Wednesday, friends!  How is your week treating you so far?  Mine has been good.  It started out with a Birthday Monday (you can never go wrong with those, right?) and both Monday and Tuesday have been quick.  That is how I like my work week to be!  Now let’s hope the rest of the work week follows suit and that Friday gets here ASAP.

But until the weekend rolls around, let’s spend some time taking a look at a day of my mostly plant-based eats!

What I Ate Wednesday Monday (My Birthday!)


WIAW 32614 5My usual “pre-breakfast” of a green smoothie.  In the mix: unsweetened coconut milk, vanilla Vega One, frozen banana, frozen cranberries, frozen blueberries, and fresh spinach.

WIAW 32614 4I ate my actual breakfast at work.  Breakfast was pumpkin cocoa overnight oats.  I stirred in puffed kamut cereal, peanut butter, and fresh strawberries.

Mid-Morning Snack

WIAW march 13 4I ate celery and crunchy peanut butter for my snack.  Has anyone noticed something missing lately?  Yeah, I am kind of off of my banana kick.  Weird, right?  But don’t worry.  I am still eating them in my smoothies and breakfast bakes.


friday favorites minestrone soupLunch was leftovers from Sunday night’s dinner.  Minestrone soup!  It was super delicious.

WIAW 32614 3I ate my soup with a rice cake on the side.

Afternoon Snackage

WIAW 32614 2As a part of my birthday celebration at work, I snacked on blue corn tortilla chips with roasted garlic hummus and salsa.

WIAW 326 14I also snacked on an apple before my afternoon walk.


friday favorites mediterranean chickpea salad 2Monday’s dinner was absolutely fantastic.  I ate a Mediterranean chickpea salad with fresh spinach on two pieces of toasted Ezekiel bread.  On the side…a dill pickle, of course!

Evening Snacks

WIAW 32614 6On Monday night I snacked on carrots and more hummus…

WIAW 32614 7….grapes (still loving the black ones!)…

WIAW 31914 8…and more of this tasty popcorn.  I just love the subtle hint of the black pepper.



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