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Weekly Meal Plan

So... remember when I said that I was going to start posting my weekly meal plans more frequently?  Yyyeah, so that has not really happened, huh?  I did pretty well during the months of March and April and then... nothing. Now I am going to attempt to redeem myself and get back on track.  Even [...]


And the longest blog post title award goes too... ...this girl! Not only did I just make up a fake award (anything to win something, right?), but I am also about to share with you an incredibly long, random, and all over the place post.  Bear with me as I attempt to put some organization into [...]


Before I begin this post, I just want to send all sorts of love and appreciation your way after hearing and reading your responses from my post on Friday.  I cannot thank you enough! Another weekend has come and gone too quickly.  This past weekend I did a whole 'lotta relaxing, Lifetime movie watching, weight [...]


Another weekend is in the books!  It involved slightly less excitement than last weekend and a bit more relaxation, but that was exactly what I needed after a busy/stressful week with work. New jeans.  I am pretty much obsessed with any pair of jeans or shorts that involves lots of rips and tears.  I'd say [...]