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WIAW: July 9, 2014 (Recent Eats)

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Happy Wednesday, Friends!  Thanks for stopping by to check out some of my eats.  I have been going strong with the “Recent Eats” for my What I Ate Wednesday posts for about a month now and am certainly enjoying them more.  Plus, not having to remember to photograph every single thing that I eat in one day sure is nice!  Do you have any thoughts regarding the “Recent Eats” format?  Is it a yay or a nay in your opinion?  I would love to hear your feedback!  But for now, let’s stick with it!

What I Ate Wednesday: July 9, 2014 (Recent Eats)

recent eatsBack before the Fourth of July holiday, I was not feeling like cooking much so I scrounged around in my fridge and found some apple and sage Field Roast vegan sausages.  I cooked one up and served it in a lettuce “bun” with sauerkraut, onions, tomatoes, dil relish, and mustard.  I also ate a baby potato on the side topped with Melt butter, sea salt, and pepper.  I think I might have to start eating this meal at least once per week!

recent eats 2This is definitely one of my favorite recent breakfasts.  I made an egg sandwich with a toasted whole wheat English muffin, vegan Daiya cheddar “cheese,” and a fried egg.  It actually tasted rather similar to a Egg McMuffin from McDonald’s… with a much better egg.  I am not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing.  The “cheese” is what reminded me of it and I actually quite enjoyed it a lot!  I also ate some strawberries on the side.

carrot dog 7I must have been in the sausage/brat/hot dog kind of mood because I also recently ate the infamous Carrot Hot Dogs.  I cooked two of them up and ate one on a wheat bun and one on a lettuce “bun.”  Come back on Friday for a special post for these babies!

foodie favorites 2In the past, I had heard awesome things about three bean salads but had never tried them myself.  I finally made some on a Sunday for the week and ate it for lunch three days.  I loved it and loved how easy it was to make.  More on this particular recipe in a future Friday Foodie Favorites post!

recent eats 8This is definitely one of my favorite snacks right now.  I ate a sliced apple with a side of my Red, White, and Blue Almond Trail Mix.  A little chocolate is always a good thing!

recent eatsI am still going strong with the green smoothies!  And guess what… I finally bought a non-Wintery glass!  Go me!  In the mix: unsweetened vanilla almond milk, vanilla Vega One, one frozen banana, frozen zucchini slices, and fresh spinach.

recent eats 4I did some baking on Sunday.  On the menu were blueberry banana buckwheat bakes.  I had three breakfasts all ready for the week!  I am really loving food prep.

recent eats 5Not only is my smoothie obsession continuing, but so is my salad obsession!  I fixed up a salad with field greens, sauerkraut, onions, red peppers, and a leftover veggie burger.  I dressed it with Hillary’s Eat Well ranch chia dressing.  The added protein from the veggie burger kept me full for hours.

recent eats 6This was a new one for me.  I genearlly like to eat veggies with hummus for a snack in the evening and deciced to mix up my veggie of choice.  This time it was steamed brussel sprouts with roasted garlic hummus.  I will definitely be repeating this one!

recent eats 7And finally… we must end things with an extra tasty snack.  Lately I have been loving on blue corn tortilla chips with salsa.  It takes me back to my college days when my friends and I would sit in the hallway of our dorm and polish off a bag of chips and a jar of salsa.  All I have to say is that it is a good thing the carpeting was a gray/brown color because there was plenty of salsa that didn’t quite make it onto the chips and into our mouths.  Oh, the good ‘ole days! 😉

Have a great Wednesday everyone!  And for my American friends, I hope your week back after the short week last week isn’t dragging too terribly!

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