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Sweet and Sour Lentils over Rice

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This Sweet and Sour Lentils recipe contains the perfect combination of sweetness to sourness and packs a punch with nutritious vegetables, fruit, legumes, and whole grains.
sweet sour lentils 4
I am still majorly going strong on the sweet and sour kick.  It’s really quite funny, actually, because I refused to eat sweet and sour sauce as a child.  My how things have changed… and, generally speaking, for the better!

sweet sour lentils 2I can pretty much promise that you will no longer ever find me saying no to this or to anything that has “sweet and sour” in the title, as long as it is vegetarian, that is!

sweet sour lentils 7I have “sweet and soured” vegan meatballs.  I have “sweet and soured” tempeh.  I have even “sweet and soured” chickpeas and pizza.  And when I decided to create this dish, I was honestly a little bit baffled that I had not yet put the sweet and sour twist on a major staple in my diet and one of my most favorite foods: lentils!

sweet sour lentils 8If you thought lentils were boring in the past, I am pretty confident that your mind will be changed with this one.  There is nothing boring about this dish!  Trust me, your tastebuds are going to thank you for making this.

sweet sour lentils 5Sweet and Sour Lentils over Rice

Serves: 3 to 4


1 cup dry green lentils
2 1/2 to 3 cups vegetable broth or water (for cooking lentils)
3 TB seasoned rice vinegar

3 TB Bragg’s Liquid Aminos (or low-sodium soy sauce)
3 TB ketchup
1/2 tsp ground ginger
2 tsp brown sugar
8 oz can pineapple chunks in natural juices, drained with juices reserved
water, for cooking
1 red bell pepper, sliced
1 green bell pepper, sliced
1/4 yellow or white onion, sliced
1 TB cornstarch + 2-3 TB cold water, mixed well
cooked whole brown rice


1. Cook lentils in water or vegetable broth according to package directions.  Set aside.

2. Combine vinegar, Liquid Aminos, ketchup, ginger, brown sugar, and pineapple juice in a small bowl.  Whisk until well-combined.  Set aside.

3. Line a large skillet with a thin layer of water.  Heat over medium-high heat, or until very hot.  Once hot, lower the heat to medium and add peppers and onions to the pan.  Cook for 8 to 10 minutes, or until softened.  Add additional water, as necessary.

4. Add cooked lentils and pineapple to the skillet.  Stir until well-combined.

5. Lower the heat to medium-low and add sweet and sour sauce mixture.  Stir in cornstach and water mixture to thicken the sauce.  Continue simmering the lentil mixture for 3 to 5 minutes, or until the sauce has thickened to your liking.  Add additional cornstarch and water if desired.

6. Serve over warm cooked rice.

sweet sour lentils 9Sure take-out is easy, but this is simple, inexpensive, homemade, and delicious.  I promise this will make you think twice about taking the “easier” route.

sweet sour lentils 3This dish has the perfect balance of sweetness, sourness, and spiciness to fit and satisfy any palate.  I bet even my 10 year old self would like this if she could go back and give it a try!  Gosh, there are a ton of foods that I wish my 10 year old self could go back and try.  I was missing out on a lot of good food back in those days.

sweet sour lentils 6As mentioned above, check out some of my other sweet and sour recipes here:

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  • meredith @ The Cookie ChRUNicles July 10, 2014, 5:13 am
    I always loved sweet and sour sauce, especially in the packets from McDonald's. Haven't had that sauce in years but totally miss it. meredith @ The Cookie ChRUNicles recently posted...Thinking Out Loud – Random ThingsMy Profile
    • ClnEatingVegGrl July 10, 2014, 11:45 am
      It is SO good! I have never had the packets from McDonald's but I have heard from a lot of people that it is REALLY good!
  • Erin @ Girl Gone Veggie July 10, 2014, 11:06 am
    Ohh I need this! Sweet and sour sauce was one of my favorite sauces growing up! Erin @ Girl Gone Veggie recently posted...The best workout shoes for every workoutMy Profile
    • ClnEatingVegGrl July 10, 2014, 11:48 am
      It is really good!! You should definitely make it! :)
  • sarah k @ the pajama chef July 10, 2014, 11:09 am
    pinned to try later. looks great!!
    • ClnEatingVegGrl July 10, 2014, 11:49 am
      No, thank YOU!! Let me know if you try it!
  • Em @ Love A Latte July 10, 2014, 11:12 am
    Looks delicious although I'm a little weird about pineapple with hot stuff, but I think I should give it a try b/c sweet and sour is such a good combo! I definitely need to eat more lentils! Em @ Love A Latte recently posted...Pregnancy Journey - 35 WeeksMy Profile
    • ClnEatingVegGrl July 10, 2014, 11:51 am
      Pineapple is definitely one of those things that people either LOVE or HATE warm. I happen to LOVE it...especially on pizza!!
  • Heather @ No Bologna July 10, 2014, 7:20 pm
    Just came across your blog and this looks delicious! I'm also a vegetarian so I really look forward to trying this! I'll be your newest follower! :) Heather @ No Bologna recently posted...Pool Ready in a JiffyMy Profile
    • ClnEatingVegGrl July 10, 2014, 7:33 pm
      Thanks so much, Heather, and welcome! I hope you find some yummy veg-friendly recipes here that you enjoy :)
  • Kathy @ Olives and Garlic July 10, 2014, 8:06 pm
    I really like lentils but don't feel that I eat enough of them. I need to change that. Lovely recipe. Kathy @ Olives and Garlic recently posted...Angler’s Insanity & Grilled Summer Squash Orzo SaladMy Profile
    • ClnEatingVegGrl July 10, 2014, 9:45 pm
      I have the opposite "problem"... I eat them ALL the time! ;)
  • Leanne July 11, 2014, 9:49 am
    I can not wait to try this! I just found your website today and it is so beautifully put together.
    • ClnEatingVegGrl July 11, 2014, 10:44 am
      Thank you so much Leanne! I SO appreciate that! Let me know if you try it :)
  • Jamie July 14, 2014, 12:26 pm
    Since I love sweet & sour chicken, I think I might like this, too! Making me hungry...! Jamie recently posted...What Are The Best Espresso Beans?My Profile
    • ClnEatingVegGrl July 14, 2014, 1:19 pm
      I happen to think it is quite delicious... though I might be slightly biased! ;) Let me know if you give them a try :)
  • Karina August 7, 2014, 6:35 pm
    This. is. FANTASTIC! Ah! I just made it tonight with my only change being tomato paste instead of ketchup and soy instead of the aminos. Next time I make this I'm gonna add some water chestnuts!Girl you and I must be on the same taste level because every recipe of yours I make becomes a favorite/regular. Keep'em coming :D
    • ClnEatingVegGrl August 8, 2014, 7:09 am
      Thanks so much, Karina! I am so glad that you are trying and enjoying so many of my recipes. It does sound like we are on the same taste level... aka we have awesome taste buds! ;)

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