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You Know You’re a Food Blogger When…

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I have seen several “You Know You’re…” lists floating around the web and thought it would be fun to compile a list for foodies/food bloggers because, let’s be honest, we do some weird things and have some quirky awesome qualities.

After I came up with my own endings for the sentence, I reached out to some fellow food bloggers to gather their input.  Here is what we came up with:

You Know You’re a Food Blogger When…

From me:

Instead of looking at the clothing and shoes first at TJ Maxx and Marshall’s, you immediately walk back to the kitchen supplies/food area of the store.

When picking out an apartment or house, the amount of lighting in the kitchen/food photography area is one of your top priorities.

Recipes are created, cooked, and photographed during the time of day when the natural lighting is the best- hence why the majority of my recipes are made and photographed on the weekend.

Your meal is never hot when you actually sit down to eat it and, as a result, you never worry about burning your tongue on food.

Your Christmas list no longer consists of clothing/shoes/purses/etc., but instead revolves around kitchen and cooking supplies.

The pictures on your blog are about 90% focused on food and about 10% focused on you.

You are no longer embarrassed about taking photographs of your food at restaurants or get-togethers- though those around you might be 😉

Your first stop when you enter Target is the clearance kitchen section.

You keep a notepad and/or text and e-mail yourself recipe ideas that you think of during all hours of the day (including while trying to fall asleep and in the shower).

Your parents, significant other, friends, children, etc. take pictures of their food and send them to you.

You become slightly sad or upset when you enter a restaurant and realize that the lighting is dim and sucks for photographing your meal.

You become super frustrated when your food photographs do not meet your extremely high standards.

Your friends, family members, and co-workers suddenly begin talking to you about anything and everything food related.

You or someone close to you has built a light box for food photography.

You own way more napkins and place mats than you know what to do with, and you never actually use them for their intended use.

You are sad when you accidentally forget to photograph your food, especially when it is a “What I Ate Wednesday” day.

From you:

You won’t let anyone eat the “pretty” food.  You need it for photos. – Kelly from Hidden Fruits and Veggies

Your husband knows not to eat before pictures are taken.- Kylie from Imma Eat That

You own a ridiculously large amount of individual plates and napkins with different designs on them.  Not sets.  Just individual pieces. – Amanda from Running with Spoons

No one can eat until you’ve Instagrammed their salad.- Alexis from Hummusapien

White plates on sale from Target get you excited!  Perfect food color!  Pop!- Lindsay from Cotter Crunch

You’re completely ravenous and could eat your hair, but when your meal is finally in front of you, you still take the time to snap a photo.- Melanie from Beautifully Nutty

You make ice cream at 8:30 a.m.- Melissa from My Whole Food Life

You have almost 4,000 photos on your phone and 90% of them are of food!- Jan from Sprouts n Squats

Your family is always waiting to eat so that you can get that perfect Instagram shot!- Kim from Hungry Healthy Girl

You can’t put up your groceries until you’ve taken a picture of all of them.- Heather from Kiss My Broccoli

Like I said.  We are a pretty cool bunch!  Maybe we should start our own club and develop our own handshake?  😉

Complete the sentence for yourself- “Your Know Your a Food Blogger When…”

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