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Weekend Wrap-Up in Pictures

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With the Christmas season in full-swing I have been busy lately, and this weekend was no different.  My brain has pretty much turned to mush after being on the go for the past 48 hours so let’s keep this simple for the sake of both of us.  Sometimes I just do not feel like being super wordy, and I am sure that sometimes you just don’t feel like reading a novel.  But do you know what I do like?  Pictures!  Can we all agree that pictures are good?  Yes?  Okay, great because following is a wrap-up of my weekend in pictures courtesy of my non-iPhone camera phone ;).

weekend wrapup 3

Cardio workouts Friday and Saturday.

weekend wrapup

Used my Victoria Secret secret reward card.  I like to smell good ;).

weekend wrapup 4

An already half-full grocery cart just from the produce section.

weekend wrapup 2

My first Swanson Health Products shipment arrived.  Clearly I like nut butters.

wilson and washburn omaha

A delicious dinner at Wilson and Washburn with Erin and Joanna with LOTS of blogging talk.

wilson and washburn omaha 2

Vegan beet burger with jalapenos and a smoky peanut butter sauce…amaaaazing!

weekend wrapup 5

Christmas lights in downtown Omaha.

gingerbread breakfast cookie 4

I tried out a new breakfast cookie recipe.  This is a good one!  Recipe creation was in full-swing here with six new recipes made this weekend.

weekend wrapup 7

The Nutcracker Ballet.

weekend wrapup 6

Driscoll’s treats me really well.

weekend wrapup 9

A cleaned out freezer for the Elf for Health Challenge

weekend wrapup 8

The first significant snowfall.

Happy Monday! 🙂

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