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My 2015 Bucket List

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Last year I made myself a bucket list for the first time in my 26 years of life.  I did not share it on the blog, but I thoroughly enjoyed tackling the list head on at the start of January.  Looking back at my 2014 Bucket List, I accomplished about 90% of what was on my list.  I may not have checked everything off of the list (some simply ended up not being feasible), but I was quite happy with all that I did.

Since I had such a fun time challenging (and also pampering and treating) myself throughout the year, I decided that a yearly bucket list was something I wanted to start developing annually.  This year I am going to share my 2015 Bucket List here on CEVG as a way to not only hold myself accountable, but in the hopes of inspiring some of you to create your own annual bucket list.  As you will see from my list below, some of the items are meant to be challenging.  For the most part, however, it is all about having fun and giving myself a reason to treat myself now and then.

Without further ado, here is my bucket list for this year.  Some items I carried over from last year’s list because I loved them so much, and some are new.

2015 bucket list graphicMy 2015 Bucket List

1. Read at least six books <– this may not seem like much, but I have the hardest time setting aside minutes in the day to do this
2. Eat at 10 new-to-me restaurants
3. Take a Canvas and Cork class
4. Make a homemade pizza (crust and all)
5. Learn how to shoot a gun <– somebody named Jeremy was supposed to help me accomplish this on last year’s bucket list… but it hasn’t happened yet!
6. Vacation in Colorado
7. Attend a concert
8. Post a vlog here on CEVG <– believe it or not, this might be the most challenging thing for me to accomplish, as I am majorly afraid of this 😉
9. Attend yoga in the park during the Summer
10. Take at least two “blogcations”
11. Attend an Omaha Storm Chasers baseball game
12. Attend a Major League Baseball game <– can you tell I like baseball?
13. Try at least 15 new-to-me beers <– after 2014, I now consider myself a craft beer lover so I am excited to try more!
14. Try 5 wines <– this may be a challenge for me since I am not much of a wine drinker
15. Bake homemade bread for the first time
16. Complete a puzzle <– this is a yearly tradition for me during Christmas vacation
17. Attend a play or musical
18. Do not count calories <– for my own sanity
19. Visit the Omaha Farmers Market in the Old Market
20. Attempt to drink 90 to 100 ounces of water every single day <– I am already doing this several days each week
21. Go on a brewery tour
22. Make a media kit for CEVG
23. Get a pedicure
24. Attend an outdoor movie
25. Update my resume <– this is something that I should be in the habit of doing every couple of months, but I have neglected it since I started my current position
26. Add an additional $5,000 or more to my savings account
27. Make risotto for the first time
28. Attend a University of Nebraska volleyball game
29. Clean my closet during the Spring and Fall months and purge clothing I do not wear
30. Volunteer for a community event
31. Find a church that I connect with in the Omaha area and attend services on a regular basis
32. Walk across the Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge in Omaha
33. Volunteer for a community event in Omaha
34. Attend a beer festival
35. Work on learning how to use my DSLR in manual mode
36. Participate in a holiday cookie baking day
37. Say “no” more often <– this is tough for me to do, but it is for my own well-being and sanity!

I’d say that is a pretty well-rounded list, dontcha think?  Some of these will be easier said than done, and MOST will be tons of fun.  I’m definitely looking forward to the experiences to come!

Do you make an annual bucket list?
What is on your 2015 Bucket List?

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