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How to Select and Cut a Ripe Avocado

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A tutorial on how to select a perfectly ripened avocado and how to cut it.  I swear, it is super easy!

You might look at an avocado and think, “I cannot wait to eat that!” or “Ahh, one of my favorite foods!”  You may also find choosing and cutting an avocado to be a simple and easy process- which, by the way, it is!  Even still, I know there are plenty of folks out there who are uncertain about how to select a ripe avocado and who do not have the slightest idea about the easiest way to cut it.

avocadoFor the past couple of years, the process of cutting an avocado has always seemed like a “no-brainer” to me.  However, when I saw Erin peel and then cut an avocado, I realized that maybe not everyone is aware of the method that I consider to be the easiest way to prepare this delicious fruit (P.S., Sorry Erin for throwing you under the bus!).  I am also fairly certain that back when I bought an avocado for the first time, I likely had to “Google” how to cut it.  I guess sometimes we take for granted the things that were once unfamiliar but have now become second nature.

While selecting and cutting an avocado for the first time can be a bit daunting, do not worry!  I am going to show you exactly how to select a perfectly ripened avocado and how to cut it!

Step 1

avocado 2The first part of this tutorial is going to focus on how to select a ripe avocado.  I pick my avocados based on two things: color and firmness.  If I am going to use the avocado right away, I look for one with a dark brown peal.  If I am not going to use the avocado for a couple of days, I select an avocado that has some greenness to it so that it will not rot before I am ready to eat it.  After I find the color that I am looking for, I gently squeeze the sides of the avocado.  When looking for a ripe avocado, you want the avocado to have some give and be just slightly firm and not hard.  Be careful, though.  You do not want to purchase an avocado that gives too easily when you squeeze it.  This type of avocado could very well be rotten or close to it.

Step 2

avocado 3After you have selected the perfectly ripened avocado, line your knife up at the center of the top of the avocado.

avocado 4Slice all the way around the avocado.

Step 3

avocado 5Gently twist the two halves and separate them.

Step 4

avocado 6Run your knife through the avocado width-wise.  Do not cut through the peal of the avocado.  Simply slice into it just enough so that the tip of the knife reaches the peal.

Step 5

avocado 7Now repeat step 4, but make slices into the avocado vertically.

Step 6

avocado 8Carefully scoop the avocado segments from the peal.

Repeat with the second half of the avocado (I use a spoon to remove the pit).

avocado 9After these six simple steps are completed, you will end up with a perfectly segmented avocado to add to your salad, top Mexican food with, or turn into guacamole (my favorite way to use it!).

Pretty simple, right?  You can do it!

*One final trick: If you only eat one half of the avocado at a time, leave the pit in the second half and put it in the fridge in a plastic bag or container.  This will help keep the avocado green.

Do you “Google” how to cut certain types of produce?

I am definitely guilty of this!  Most recently, I searched the internet for how to cut a watermelon.

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