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Breakfast Stuffed Sweet Potato

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Proof that sweet potatoes are most definitely for breakfast.  But nobody wants a boring tator.  Top ‘er off with things like butters, fruits, nuts, and seeds.  I’ve got you covered with tons of topping ideas!

stuffed_baked_sweet_potato 5 graphicWhite potatoes are a classic in the morning.

Hashbrowns?  Check!
Hash with potatoes?  Absolutely!
Diced breakfast potatoes?  Always!
Potatoes in breakfast burritos?  Yes, please!

stuffed_baked_sweet_potato 2While all of those are equally delicious, we cannot be leaving sweet potatoes out of the mix.  That would just be wrong.  And since I am currently eating nightshade-free, I am all about the sweet potatoes right now.

stuffed_baked_sweet_potato 3I have been eating sweet potatoes for breakfast for the past several years.  I love them in pancakes, I love them in hashes, and I absolutely adore eating baked sweet potatoes topped off with nut butter.  And despite having several people think that I am weird for doing so, I think they are weird for not trying it!

stuffed_baked_sweet_potato 6I ate a lot of eggs during the Whole 30.  A lot.  And while I never got completely bored with them, I sure did not mind mixing things up a bit.  One of my go-to ways for doing that was by making baked sweet potatoes topped off with all sorts of goodness.  Yes, sweet potatoes are totally a breakfast food.

stuffed_baked_sweet_potato 4Lately, my favorite breakfast stuffed sweet potato toppings have been sunflower seed butter or almond butter, banana slices, nuts, cacao nibs, and raisins.  But following is an entire list of topping ideas:

breakfast_stuffed_sweet_potato_topping_ideas*These ingredients are not Whole 30-compliant.  If you are doing the Whole 30, please also be sure to check the ingredient lists on every item listed above.

stuffed_baked_sweet_potatoThese toppings not only work great for breakfast, but they would also result in a mighty tasty snack or dessert!

I selected a Japanese sweet potato on this particular day.  If you have not tried them yet, you definitely need to.  Talk about perfectly sweet!  I baked my potato in a 425 degree F oven for approximately 45 minutes.  But in case you do not feel like actually baking your sweet potato, check out my tutorial on how to “bake” it in the microwave:

sweet-potato-microwave-2-680x1024How to “Bake” a Sweet Potato in the Microwave

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Have you ever eaten a sweet potato for breakfast?
What do you love stuffing your sweet potato with?

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  • Kads Life August 18, 2015, 12:23 am
    What a cool idea! I would have never thought of a sweet potato for breakfast. Must give this a try. Kads x
    • ClnEatingVegGrl August 18, 2015, 7:27 am
      Sweet potatoes are most definitely good for every single time of day... and as a snack, too!
  • Annmarie August 18, 2015, 7:37 am
    This looks delicious. I have been trying to steer away from eggs recently due to an elimination diet and something like this is a great alternative! Annmarie recently posted...Meatless Monday: Fatigue Fighting Forbidden Black Rice Stir FryMy Profile
    • ClnEatingVegGrl August 18, 2015, 8:53 am
      Thank you, Annmarie! I have also been thinking about eliminating eggs to see how that affects my body. If I do so, I will definitely be relying on these a lot!
  • Lisa @ RunWiki August 18, 2015, 7:50 am
    I always think to stuff a sweet potato with savory items, but this is sounds really delicious. Such a great idea! I pinned it for later on my scheduler. Lisa @ RunWiki recently posted...No Bake Raspberry Banana Eaton MessMy Profile
    • ClnEatingVegGrl August 18, 2015, 8:54 am
      Savory stuffed sweet potatoes are delicious, but when they are sweet they are just as good! I hope you give it a try :)
  • Christine - The Choosy Mommy August 18, 2015, 7:53 am
    No joke I was just thinking to myself about how I'd love to try something new for breakfast, especially something healthy. Typically I just have a bowl of cereal or a bagel with cream cheese but this sounds soooo good!! Pinned it for later <3 Christine, The Choosy Mommy, www.choosykids.blogspot.com
    • ClnEatingVegGrl August 18, 2015, 8:55 am
      This is definitely a great healthy option since it includes a veggie, protein, healthy fats, and some fruit!!
  • Kate August 18, 2015, 8:25 am
    I can dig it! I bet a fried egg would be a great topping too. Kate recently posted...Simple Salmon SaladMy Profile
    • ClnEatingVegGrl August 18, 2015, 8:55 am
      A fried egg is basically good on top of everything, right? :)
  • Ashley @ A Lady Goes West August 18, 2015, 8:36 am
    My hubby thought it was weird when I first had a sweet potato at breakfast, topped with a banana and nut butter. I assured him it was totally cool. Thanks for the affirmation with this one! :) Ashley @ A Lady Goes West recently posted...Expert tips to help you grow your blogMy Profile
    • ClnEatingVegGrl August 18, 2015, 8:56 am
      Yes!! It is a MUST! I'd say that he is missing out ;)
  • Susie @ SuzLyfe August 18, 2015, 10:19 am
    Great idea! and love the mixing and matching! Susie @ SuzLyfe recently posted...Food Culture: Why We and I Discuss FoodMy Profile
    • ClnEatingVegGrl August 18, 2015, 11:36 am
      There are seriously about a million different combos that are possible... which I LOVE!
  • Ashley August 18, 2015, 10:20 am
    Sweet potatoes really are the best! I never get sick of them! I'm a little ashamed to admit that I've never topped them with sweeter things (only savory!) but man, these look fantastic. Must get on this! Ashley recently posted...Caprese Avocado BLTMy Profile
    • ClnEatingVegGrl August 18, 2015, 11:37 am
      You definitely need to try out some sweet toppings. They are unreal with a little fruit/chocolate/nut butter!!
  • Rebecca @ Strength and Sunshine August 18, 2015, 10:32 am
    Japanese sweets are the best ;) I could eat them 24/7! So satisfying no matter when you eat them!
    • ClnEatingVegGrl August 18, 2015, 11:38 am
      They seriously are THE BEST! Which is probably why they are almost always more expensive ;)
  • Shann Eva August 18, 2015, 1:06 pm
    I've never tried a Japanese Sweet Potato before, but now I have too! Your sweet potato looks absolutely delicious. I did not like them when I was little, but as an adult, I love them. I will be having them for breakfast now too! Shann Eva recently posted...It’s Giveaway Time!My Profile
    • ClnEatingVegGrl August 18, 2015, 3:17 pm
      You definitely need to try the Japanese sweet potatoes. They are SO good! They are absolutely my favorite. I hope you try them fore breakfast soon :)
  • Liz August 18, 2015, 1:22 pm
    What a great idea!! I love sweet potatoes and this looks like SUCH a fun a way to enjoy them!! I want almond butter and bananas on mine.. yum! Liz recently posted...Paleo Blueberry CrispMy Profile
    • ClnEatingVegGrl August 18, 2015, 3:18 pm
      Those are definitely two of my favorite sweet potato toppings. If you ask me, it's just not a good sweet potato without some nut/seed butter!
  • Beverley @ sweaty&fit August 18, 2015, 1:25 pm
    What a unique and fun idea!! never thought about baked potatoes for breakfast honestly. I had a japanese yam last night with dinner for the first time in ages, and MAN it was good! definitely incorporating it into more of my meals Beverley @ sweaty&fit recently posted...Waterfalls, Convertibles, Beaches, and BeersMy Profile
    • ClnEatingVegGrl August 18, 2015, 3:19 pm
      I absolutely believe that sweet potatoes are one of those foods that works for every single meal. I also LOVE them as snacks!
  • Emily @ Sinful Nutrition August 18, 2015, 1:28 pm
    I am so with you on the whole "people think I'm weird, but I think they're weird" when it comes to nut butter on sweet potatoes. If I can convince them to try it, they almost always love it! Emily @ Sinful Nutrition recently posted...Gluten Free Satay Chicken Salad Sandwich + GIVEAWAYMy Profile
    • ClnEatingVegGrl August 18, 2015, 3:21 pm
      People just need to listen to us more! We obviously know what we are talking about when it comes to food!
  • Erin @ Her Heartland Soul August 18, 2015, 2:38 pm
    I've never thought to add banana to sweet potato! What a great idea!!
    • ClnEatingVegGrl August 18, 2015, 3:21 pm
      It is the BEST! You definitely need to try adding all sorts of fun toppings next time you make one :)
  • Sarah @ Sweet Miles August 18, 2015, 3:08 pm
    I have NEVER heard of a japanese sweet potato and could not for the life of me figure out why the one in your pictures looked so yellow! Who knew there were different varieties of sweet potatoes. Apparently I've been living under a rock! Sarah @ Sweet Miles recently posted...Prepping for Fall: My Shopping ListMy Profile
    • ClnEatingVegGrl August 18, 2015, 3:23 pm
      Crazy, right? And truth be told, almost all of the "sweet potatoes" that are out there that are orange are actually yams. I still can't get used to calling them that, thought!
  • Chrissy @ Snacking in Sneakers August 18, 2015, 9:09 pm
    I have never tried a sweet potato for breakfast but it definitely seems like a good option! I normally will have them for dinner stuffed with beans and salsa. Chrissy @ Snacking in Sneakers recently posted...6 tasty & energy-filled pre-race meals for runnersMy Profile
    • ClnEatingVegGrl August 18, 2015, 9:34 pm
      I love that savory option. You can never go wrong with that! I totally think you should try a sweet/breakfast version next!
  • Jessie August 19, 2015, 5:58 am
    dried fruit paired with sweet potatoes? Hmm.. I've never tried it before but I sure can dig it! Sounds like one of those weird but awesome food combinations no one thinks of... well unless your name is Hannah :)
    • ClnEatingVegGrl August 19, 2015, 7:32 am
      Haha!! I'll take that as a compliment! ;) Seriously though... you should try it!
  • Joanna @Makingmine August 20, 2015, 7:37 am
    What an awesome idea! I'm good at eating "breakfast" foods anytime, but I never think about flipping it the other direction Joanna @Makingmine recently posted...don’t let anybody tell you it’s not importantMy Profile
    • ClnEatingVegGrl August 20, 2015, 8:12 am
      That is one thing that I learned with the Whole 30. When you are a bit bored of eggs, you have to come up with something else to eat!
  • Dani @ Dani California Cooks August 20, 2015, 2:39 pm
    Yum! This is a great idea. Sweet potatoes are my all-time favorite starch. So versatile whether sweet or savory! Dani @ Dani California Cooks recently posted...Honey Mustard Potato Salad (paleo)My Profile
    • ClnEatingVegGrl August 23, 2015, 9:10 am
      Agreed! They are so, so good... no matter how you make them!
  • Tara | Treble in the Kitchen August 25, 2015, 7:46 am
    Sounds delish!
    • ClnEatingVegGrl August 25, 2015, 12:24 pm
      It seriously is! I hope you try it :)
  • Alexis @ Hummusapien September 1, 2015, 11:02 pm
    Holy moly! I love me a sweet potato slathered in AB and cinnamon as a snack, but somehow I never thought about it as breakfast! AMAZING.
    • ClnEatingVegGrl September 2, 2015, 8:17 am
      You MUST try it! Breaktast sweet potatoes are where it's at!

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