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Intuitive Eating

As I mentioned a little while back, I am trying to "relearn" how to eat by following a more intuitive eating style.  Some days I have been doing great with intuitive eating, while others have been rather challenging.  I do think that I have adopted several great intuitive eating practices, but I still have plenty [...]


Since beginning my journey towards becoming a more intuitive eater, I have picked up on several helpful principles that make being a mindful eater a bit easier.  Today I am going to focus on mindful snacking, but these principles can certainly apply to full meals, as well.  Let's take a look at seven of my [...]


Intuitive Eating.  It turns out it is a lot more difficult than it sounds.  At least for me it is!  I have found that staying true to my cravings is pretty easy, but eating without distractions and stopping when I'm full are both aspects of intuitive eating that I really need to work on. Check [...]


After several years of developing a few bad habits when it comes to food, I am making efforts to tackle them head on!  Since 2013, the majority of my food choices have been centered on "what I should eat," and were eaten "when I should eat."  It may sound silly, but in a way I [...]