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What Vegans Eat

What Vegans Eat: A Week of Vegan Eats As I am writing this post, I have just finished eating my last food item of my week of vegan eats.  That is it.  I did it.  I ate a vegan diet- no animal products- for seven days straight.  I often eat vegan anyways, but this was [...]


What Vegans Eat: A Week of Vegan Eats Happy Saturday!!  We have finally made it to the weekend :).  And...we have almost made it to the end of my vegan week of eats.  I have one more day of eating vegan (today), and two more vegan eats posts for you.  So let's get down to [...]


What Vegans Eat: A Week of Vegan Eats Well folks, we have officially made it to Friday and to the end of the work week (for most of us, anyways)!! :)  Is anyone else as excited about this as I am?  Of course it is not only Friday, it is also day #5 of my [...]


What Vegans Eat: A Week of Vegan Eats Today is day #4 of my vegan eats and I am now more than halfway through the week.  I am feeling great about the food that I have been eating, and today I even ate out at a non-vegan restaurant  as a vegan.  I am here to [...]


What Vegans Eats: A Week of Vegan Eats Day 3: Tuesday, March 26, 2013 Not only is it Day #3 of my vegan week, but it is also...         ...What I Ate Wednesday!! (though technically these eats are from Tuesday ;)) Let's see how I did in both the vegan world and [...]


Day #2 has rolled around on my Vegan Week of Eats, and I am still going strong!  In fact, I generally eat vegan foods so often that it has not seemed like much of a change for me at all.  Now let's get right down to it and see what this vegan for the week [...]


What Vegans Eat: A Week of Vegan Eats Happy Monday all, and welcome to a week-long look at what vegans eat! I chose to adapt a vegetarian lifestyle a little over a year ago, and starting about six months ago I began eating vegan three to four days per week.  On my "vegan days," I [...]


Today is Wednesday...Wednesday, March 20th to be exact!  Which also means that it is my dad's birthday!  So, I must give a birthday shout out to him :). Now I am pretty much wordless tonight, so let's just get right to the eats, shall we? What I Ate Wednesday         Breakfast   [...]