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Vegetarian Awareness Month Challenge

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In celebration of World Vegetarian Day (October 1st) and Vegetarian Awareness Month (October), I challenge you to pledge to go “meat-free” this month.  Whether it be for the whole month of October, one day per week, one day out of the month, etc….just do it! 🙂

Why, you ask?  Provided below are some examples (from worldvegetarianday.org) of what every meatless meal can help to accomplish:

  1. Greatly reduce the risk of major killers like heart disease, strokes, and cancers, all while reducing exposure to foodborne pathogens. ***My own personal reason for choosing a vegetarian lifestyle.
  2. Provide a potential answer to feeding the world’s hungry by more efficiently utilizing grains and other crops.
  3. Prevent the suffering of animals in factory-farm conditions and from the pain and fear of slaughter.
  4. Conserve limited freshwater, fertile topsoil, and other precious resources.
  5. Preserve ecosystems such as rainforests and wildlife habitats.
  6. Decrease greenhouse gases which contribute to the acceleration of global warming.
  7. Mitigate the environmental pollution of animal agriculture.

These are all great reasons why we should be more conscious of the food that we are consuming.  Here is another incentive to eat “meat-“free” this month: if you pledge to eat vegetarian during the month of October, you can enter to win cash prizes of $1,000 (meat-free for the whole month), $500 (meat-free for a week), or $250 (meat-free for one day in October).








Take the pledge and enter yourself into the drawing here: http://www.worldvegetarianday.org/pledge-vegwin/

I strongly challenge you to take the one month challenge and notice the difference in your health, your weight, your energy level, and the way that you feel both physically and mentally!

Happy World Vegetarian Day!! 🙂

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