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Restaurant Reviews

MULA_Omaha_Tacos 2

Have I got a restaurant to talk to you about today! I could not possibly go through last week without eating a little Mexican food, right?  And even though I shared 55 recipes that were perfect to make on Cinco de Mayo, I am guilty of not having made a single one.  In fact, I [...]

Salt 88 New Grist

Happy Sunday, all!  I hope your first weekend in May is treating you well.  Mine has been great so far.  My mom is in town visiting, and we have been enjoying filling our days with a little relaxing, plenty of shopping, and some delicious eats. Last night we dined at a new-to-me restaurant here in [...]

Spin Pizza Fig Onion Marmalade 2

As I mentioned last week, adopting a gluten-free diet at home has been pretty darn easy for me.  I realized that I do not eat as much gluten as I thought, and with some simple substitutions like GF bread and oats, I have been tackling a gluten-free diet just fine. My biggest struggles with following [...]

Over Easy Omaha Veggie Biscuits and Gravy

Yesterday I shared with you some of my favorite vegetarian-friendly restaurants.  It turns out that the post is already slightly outdated, because I need to add a new location to the list!  It is official.  My favorite vegetarian-friendly brunch location is Over Easy. Omaha Eats: Over Easy Erin ate at Over Easy for the first [...]

Omaha Restaurants Kitchen Table

I moved to Omaha a little over two years ago, and I can genuinely say that I love it here.  While the weather is not always ideal, Omaha has so many things going for it.  It has a "big city" feel without being too big.  The shopping and entertainment opportunities are spot on.  The beer scene keeps [...]

Tap House Hangover Burger

What. an. EPIC. weekend. Seriously.  I had a blast!  I spent time with friends.  Jeremy was here most of the weekend.  We drank good beer.  We ate delicious food.  And we relaxed.  That is my idea of an ideal weekend. Now I am sitting here on a Sunday night writing this weekend wrap-up post.  As you [...]

Des Moines El Bait Shop 2

Just like that, the dreaded first day of the work week is upon us.  Some of you are lucky enough to have a three-day weekend thanks to MLK day.  I, however, am not so fortunate.  But instead of whining too much (I'm still going to whine a little), I am going to try my hardest to focus on [...]

VooDoo Doughnut Colorado 2

Are you getting tired of my Colorado recaps yet?  I sure hope not!  Hopefully you are enjoying seeing all that Colorado has to offer when it comes to drinks, food, and entertainment.  And maybe I have even convinced you to consider it as the location for your next vacation.  My final recap will focus on [...]

The Sink Colorado 4

Happy Thursday and almost Fourth of July!  There is nothing quite like celebrating America's freedom with tasty eats and ice cold drinks.  It turns out that my boyfriend and I did a whole 'lotta early celebrating during our vacation in Colorado a couple of weeks ago.  The good food and delicious drinks continue now in [...]

The Mainline Colorado 3

Ahh, where were we when we last left off?  That's right!  My boyfriend and I had just finished off our third day in Colorado with lots of adventures and good eats in Denver. Next up: a Tuesday in two small and quaint (okay small and quaint compared to Denver!) Colorado cities.  Expect lots of beer and [...]