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The Best Baked Sweet Potato Ever!

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Say helllllo to The Best Baked Sweet Potato Ever!

best baked sweet potato 3






I am one of the biggest fans of sweet potatoes that you will probably ever meet!  So when I saw this baked sweet potato on Chelcie’s blog, I knew that I had to make something similar.  The Best Baked Sweet Potato Ever combines some of my favorite ingredients: sweet potatoes, egg, spinach, and cheese!

Oh, and just to clarify, I called it “baked” but I definitely “bake” it in the microwave.  Use whichever method you prefer!


1 medium-sized sweet potato (try to pick one that is more round as opposed to skinny)
1 Weight Watchers or Laughing Cow garlic and herb cheese wedge
1 handful of fresh spinach, chopped
1 egg
black pepper, to taste
hot sauce, to taste


1. Begin by baking or microwaving your sweet potato.

2. While the sweet potato is “baking,” cook one egg sunny-side up.

3. At the same time, microwave the spinach with a dash of water to “steam” it.

4. Once the potato has been baked, cut it open.  Spread the cheese wedge onto the sweet potato until it melts.

5. Add spinach, the cooked sunny-side up egg, black pepper, and hot sauce to the sweet potato.

6. Eat this deliciousness!

best baked sweet potato 4






I served my sweet potato concoction with a side of one of my favorite vegetables…green peas!

best baked sweet potato 2






The best part?  When the yolk of the egg breaks, of course!  The combination of the sweet potato, the creamy melty cheese, the egg yoke, and the hot sauce is amazing!  You seriously must try this :).

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